what does conditional approval mean for a home loan

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Conditional approval is a type ofpreliminary approval or 鈥減re-approval鈥?from a lender, indicating that you should be approved for a home loan up to a certain dollar limit. It鈥檚 an important early step in buying a home because it gives you a clear idea of what a lender is willing to give you, and therefore what you can afford.

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  • What does it mean when your mortgage is conditionally approved?

  • If your mortgage is conditionally approved, your lender will generally outline the conditions that will need to be met so there are no surprises. Why should I apply for conditional loan approval? If you get conditional approval for a home loan, you show sellers you’re a strong candidate.

  • What is FHA conditional approval?

  • However, it is not a guarantee your mortgage will be approved. Instead, it means the lender is willing to loan you a specific amount of money if you can meet certain criteria. For instance, FHA conditional approval may require extra documentation since it is guaranteed by the federal government.

  • What is the difference between conditional approval and verified approval?

  • For example, conditional approval for an FHA loan or a VA loan may require you to provide specific documentation as a condition of getting final approval on the mortgage. Verified approval means the underwriter has seen documentation of a borrower鈥檚 credit history, income and assets, and can guarantee that you have the means to buy the home.

  • How do I apply for a conditional loan approval?

  • Here are the steps to applying for conditional loan approval: 1 Shop around with the best mortgage lenders to find the best home loan offer. 2 Provide the lender you choose with all of the financial information it requests. 3 Tell your lender you want a notice of conditional loan approval once your loan reaches that stage. More items…

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