will my student loan be forgiven

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  • Will student loan forgiveness ever become a reality?

  • While widespread student loan forgiveness hasn鈥檛 yet become a reality, some U.S. borrowers have already received some debt relief. Roughly 1.3 million borrowers have seen $26 billion in student debt forgiveness since President Biden took office.

  • Will the Trump administration’s student loan forgiveness plan work?

  • Currently the administration is only considering canceling federal student loans. And at last report, its forgiveness plan will include a $10,000 cap for federal student loan borrowers, with income limits for single tax filers who make $150,000 or less or $300,000 jointly. Federal borrowers are still waiting for official plans to be announced.

  • What does your new student loan servicer mean for student loan forgiveness?

  • Here鈥檚 what your new student loan servicer means for student loan forgiveness. Here鈥檚 what you need to know 鈥?and what it means for your student loans. Millions of student loan borrowers could soon have a new student loan servicer 鈥?the company that manages your student loan payments and functions as customer service for your student loans.

  • Will Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan work?

  • President Biden still hasn’t announced his decision on widespread student loan forgiveness, but millions of borrowers have already had $25 billion in debt canceled during his term. With one in five Americans owing student debt, loan forgiveness can help ease the pain of soaring inflation and economic uncertainty.

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