who took over sallie mae loans

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  • What happened to Sallie Mae student loans?

  • Sallie Mae used to have both types of student loans. But in 2010, they sent all their federal student loans to Navient. At that point, Navient became the loan servicer for all the federal student loans Sallie Mae used to service. Those federal student loans are eligible for loan forgiveness.

  • Does Sallie Mae qualify for loan forgiveness?

  • Those federal student loans are eligible for loan forgiveness. Any private student loan that Sallie Mae still has does not qualify for loan forgiveness. But there is an exception. More on that below.

  • What is refinancing with Sallie Mae?

  • Refinancing can help you save money by lowering your interest rate, monthly payments or both. What Is Sallie Mae? Sallie Mae is a consumer banking company that offers savings accounts, credit cards and private student loans.

  • Are my Sallie Mae loans with Navient federal student loans?

  • When the program ended in 2010, Sallie Mae sent all the FFELP Loans it serviced to Navient. As a result, if your loans started with Sallie Mae but are now with Navient, your loans are likely federal student loans.

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