who offers refund anticipation loans

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Tax preparation companies

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  • What is a tax refund anticipation loan?

  • A tax refund anticipation loan is a loan offered by a third-party company against a taxpayer’s expected income tax refund.

  • Do any companies still offer anticipation loans?

  • However, there are some companies that do still offer anticipation loans, although they look much differently than the expensive ones of the past. These are the most popular: TurboTax Refund Advance can give you up to $3,000 in less than a day! They estimate that most loans will be closed within 3 hours of IRS acceptance of the tax return.

  • Where can I get an advance loan with my tax refund?

  • Liberty Tax 鈥?Liberty Tax offers easy advance loans in the amount of $500 鈥?$1,300 for tax payers who qualify. These loans are secured by your tax refund are available in the form of a check printed in the office, prepaid MasterCard or direct deposit.

  • Which tax preparation services offer 0% interest tax refund loans?

  • If you need cash while waiting for your income tax refund, some tax preparation services 鈥?including Jackson Hewitt, HR Block and TurboTax 鈥?offer 0% interest tax refund loans. Instead of having an interest rate and repayment terms, the tax preparation service lends you money and reclaims it through your return.

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