what kind of loan can i get

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  • What are the most common types of loans?

  • Below are the most common types of loans and how they work. Personal loans and credit cards come with high interest rates but do not require collateral. Home-equity loans have low interest rates, but the borrower鈥檚 home serves as collateral.

  • What types of loans are available with government assistance?

  • The most common loans available with government assistance are: 1 Student loans 2 Housing loans, including disaster and home improvement loans 3 Business loans, including farms and ranches

  • What are the best ways to get a personal loan?

  • Applying for a personal loan is easy, and typically can be done online through a bank, credit union or online lender. Borrowers with excellent credit can qualify for the best personal loans, which come with low interest rates and a range of repayment options. 2. Auto Loans

  • What type of home loan is right for You?

  • The most common type of loan, a fixed-rate loan prescribes a single interest rate鈥攁nd monthly payment鈥攆or the life of the loan, which is typically 15 or 30 years. Right for: Homeowners who crave predictability and aren’t going anywhere soon. You pay X amount for Y years鈥攁nd that’s the end.

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