what happens to eidl loan if business closes

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If you default on an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) loan, including a Covid EIDLloan, the SBA may repay the lender up to 85% of any loss. You may still be responsible for additional amounts beyond what the SBA repays, even if the businesscloses. EIDLloansare not eligible for loan forgiveness. 3

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  • What is an EIDL loan from SBA?

  • The EIDL loan from SBA is a loan for the business. It doesn鈥檛 follow the owner. It stays with the business. However, the loan docs that the (4) 鈥?/div>Top 10 WHAT HAPPENS TO SBA EIDL LOAN IF BUSINESS CLOSES

  • Can an EIDL loan go after your personal assets?

  • That means the lender can also go after the business owner鈥檚 personal assets 鈥?cars, bank accounts, investments and personal tax refunds, for example 鈥?to secure outstanding debt. 鈥淭hat is a much scarier proposition,鈥?Becht said of an EIDL loan鈥檚 personal guarantee.

  • What happens to EIDL loan debt after PPP loan is approved?

  • However, EIDL loans exceeding $200,000 come with an additional risk due to the personal guarantee, since the business owner (in addition to the business) may need to seek bankruptcy protection to have the debt discharged, experts said. The question of what happens to the debt could ultimately be a moot point for PPP borrowers.

  • What is EIDL on my credit report?

  • One of the last to end will be the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, which wraps up on (11) 鈥?Any derogatory marks on your business or personal credit report will lower your credit score and may impact your ability to get financing in the (12) 鈥?/div>Top 10 WHAT HAPPENS TO SBA EIDL LOAN IF BUSINESS CLOSES

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