what does pre approved for a home loan mean

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Pre-approved is aconditional commitment from a lender to grant you a mortgage for a pre-determined amount of money. However, neither being pre-qualified nor a pre-approval letter is a guarantee that a lender will actually grant you a loan. They are simply steps in a process.

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  • What is pre-approval for a home loan?

  • What is home loan pre-approval? Pre-approval, also known as approval in principle or conditional approval, is when a lender agrees to extend you a home loan up to a certain limit, subject to certain conditions. Here at Westpac, we refer to conditional approval or pre-approval as approval in principle.

  • How does getting preapproved for a car or mortgage loan work?

  • How does getting preapproved for a car or mortgage loan work? A preapproved loan typically requires you to fill out a preapproval loan application with your financial information, and lenders will usually check your credit. You don鈥檛 have to know which specific car or home you鈥檒l end up buying when you apply for a preapproval.

  • How can I increase my chances of mortgage pre-approval?

  • Our brokers will know which banks and lenders actually assess the home loan application before they give you a pre-approval letter. Our page on preparing to apply for a home loan will help you increase your chances of mortgage pre-approval. Everything you need to know for a home loan approval – and more.

  • Do I need a preapproval letter to buy a house?

  • Buying a home — especially for the first time — is a complicated process. One of the first and most significant steps of buying a home is getting your mortgage preapproval. It’s proof that you’ve lined up the financing you need to close on the home. Without a preapproval letter, most sellers aren’t going to take your offer seriously.

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