what banks offer personal loans

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Credit unions: A local credit union may offer personal loans with lower interest rates and more flexible terms than loans from other lenders. Banks: A few major banks and financial institutions offer personal loans,includingWells Fargo and Citibank.

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  • What is the best personal loan company to use?

  • American Express: Best for Bank loans and current AmEx members; HSBC Personal Loan: Best for Bank loans and fast funding; Wells Fargo Personal Loan: Best for Bank loans and large loan amounts

  • Which banks offer secured personal loans for people with bad credit?

  • There are some major banks that offer secured personal loans for people with bad credit, including Wells Fargo, PNC, Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank. But if your score is on the lower side, you may want to consider credit unions or online lenders instead, as they are more likely to offer personal loans for bad credit.

  • What is the best bank for a small loan amount?

  • TD Bank: Best for small loan amounts. A bank loan is a personal loan you get from a bank, rather than an online lender or credit union. It can be issued by a large national bank or a smaller local bank. Rates for personal loans from banks can start as low as 6%, and bank loan amounts can be as high as $100,000.

  • Which banks offer personal loans in all 50 states?

  • PNC and Wells Fargo are examples of large banks that offer personal loans to borrowers in all 50 states. However, not all banks offer personal loans. In-person support: If you need to speak with someone in person about your loan, you can visit a physical branch for more personalized help.

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