is the lending club a legitimate loan company

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  • Is Lending Club legit or scam?

  • Is Lending Club a scam? Lending Club is a legitimate business that offers investors a chance to make loans to borrowers and earn higher interest rates than those offered by banks, savings and loans, and credit unions. Lending Club is regulated by the SEC, and does business with FDIC insured banks. Lending Club Better Business Bureau rating

  • What is LendingClub and how does it work?

  • Obviously, LendingClub loans have caught on because it鈥檚 the largest online lender for personal loans in the United States, with more than $35.9-billion in loans since the company was founded in 2007. LendingClub accounted for $8.987 billion in loans in 2017.

  • Is LendingClub good for fair credit?

  • LendingClub鈥檚 personal loans are a fit for fair-credit borrowers looking to consolidate debt or finance large purchases. Though not the lowest-cost loan out there, LendingClub offers borrowers flexible payments, and it’s transparent about rates and fees.

  • How much does Lending Club charge on personal loans?

  • Lending Club charges an annual percentage rate (APR) between 6.95% to 35.89% on personal loans. Costs and fees for borrowing with Lending Club include an interest fee, and the company charges a one-time origination fee that’s 1% to 6% of the entire amount you’re borrowing.

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