how to set up automatic payments for student loans

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Another common method of paying student loans is setting up auto-debit from a bank account throughonline bill pay. Banks typically offer this feature to customers who log into their accounts online or through a mobile app. You can enter your lender as a payee and set up an amount to be automatically paid to the lender each month.

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  • How do I arrange a payment plan for defaulted student loans?

  • The website helps student loan borrowers, who are in default, to arrange debt payments. There are multiple ways to contact the Default Resolution Group, or you may call 1-800-621-3115. For more information on defaulted student loans, see Understanding Delinquency and Default.

  • How do I access my student loan account?

  • You will need your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID information to access your account. Or, you may contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC). The website helps student loan borrowers, who are in default, to arrange debt payments.

  • How to repay a student loan?

  • Repay a Student Loan 1 Plan Your Student Loan Payments Before You Graduate, Leave School, or Enroll Less Than Half-Time. … 2 Get Financially Settled When You Leave School. … 3 Make Payments After Your Grace Period. … 4 Select a Repayment Plan for Your Federal Student Loans. … 5 Contact Your Student Loan Originator. …

  • How can I get help paying my student loans?

  • Paying your loans on time will help your credit score. Contact the Department of Education’s (ED) Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) if you have questions about your loans or payments. Within the grace period you may receive information about repayment from your lender. You鈥檒l have a choice of several repayment plans.

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