how to report ppp loan forgiveness on form 1065

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  • Is there additional guidance on reporting PPP loan forgiveness on 1120s?

  • In final versions of instructions to Forms 1120S [1] and Form 1065, [2] the IRS has provided additional guidance on reporting PPP loan forgiveness on those forms using the methods outlined in Revenue Procedure 2021-48.

  • Where does the PPP loan go on a 1065 form?

  • It also made the Employee Retention Credits available to those receiving the PPP loan as long as the wages used for the ERC were not the same wages used for the PPP loan satisfaction. The PPP loan will go in box 10 or box 11 on the K-1 for either the 1065 or the 1120/1120S.

  • Are forgiven PPP loans tax deductible?

  • There is uncertainty regarding the proper tax reporting for deducting qualified PPP expenses and subsequent loan forgiveness. For example, there is no clear or uniform method to record forgiven PPP loans on a taxpayer鈥檚 return, such as how and where they are reported .

  • How do I file a PPP loan statement for a partnership?

  • A partnership that has tax-exempt income resulting from the forgiveness of a PPP loan must attach a statement to their return titled RP2021-48 including the following information about each loan received: The partnership name, address, and EIN.

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