how to record loan payment

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Complete the following steps to record a payment:Display the loan鈥檚 register. …Display the View Loans dialog …Click the Make Payment button. …Describe the loan payment.Click OK. Quicken enters the l …

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  • How do I record a loan payment that contains both interest?

  • Recording a loan payment which contains both interest and principal payments will involve a debit to Interest Expense, a debit to Loan Payable, and a credit to Cash. The credit balance in your liability account Loan Payable should agree with the principal balance on your lender’s records.

  • Is it possible to record loan payments as an expense?

  • I’ve got your back on recording loan payments as an expense, @MMD3. You can simply write a check for your loan payment and associate it with an expense account. This way, the transaction will show on your Profit and Loss report. However, this won’t track the payables of the loan, only the payment. Here’s how:

  • How to record loan transaction in QuickBooks?

  • 1) Recording loan transaction. Make a journal entry debiting the Bank A/c as we have received the money, while crediting the say, 鈥楿nsecured Loan A/c鈥?created earlier. First step is to bifurcate the principle and interest amount. Now, since we are making the payment, go to Expenses鈥?gt; Make payment.

  • How to record loan/borrowing in the books?

  • Recording the loan/borrowing in the books, And Recording the repayment of the same in the books, Before recording transactions, you will have to create the following A/c Heads: 1) 鈥楽ecured/Unsecured Loan鈥?under A/c Group 鈥?鈥楥urrent/Non Current Liability鈥?(Depending on the nature of the loan)

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