how to negotiate your student loan debt

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How Do I Negotiate Student Loan Debt?Prepare Your Records. Gather all records relating to your student loan payments. …Contact Your Lender. Contact the original lender to inquire about negotiating payment of your loan. …Make an Offer. Offer to make a lump-sum payment. The likelihood of settling the loan is highest if you can pay a large amount at once.Payment Assistance Options. Ask your lender if you qualify for the income-based repayment plan. …Follow Up. Get everything in writing. Ask your lender or the collection agency to send you detailed information about your payoff agreement.

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  • Can you negotiate student loan repayment?

  • That leaves you to negotiate repayment of your student loan for yourself. To negotiate your student loan debt, you’ll need to review your records, contact your lender and make an offer that you can afford. The lender may accept your offer or come back with some additional payment options.

  • What are my options for student loan debt settlement?

  • There are three types of student loan settlement options: Lump sum settlement – you make one large payment to settle your student loan debt for less than the current balance. You usually get the biggest discount with this type of settlement agreement. Monthly payment – you agree to make payments over several months up to a handful of years.

  • How can I lower my student loan debt?

  • This is likely one of the easiest ways to lower your student loan debt. Many student loan lenders offer a discount if you set up automatic payments for your student loans. This gives you an interest rate discount鈥攗sually 0.25%鈥攁nd could lower the total amount you repay.

  • What happens if I settle my student loans?

  • Note that if you receive a 1099-C from the lender after you settle your debt, you might have to pay taxes on the amount of debt the lender canceled. In many cases, student loan settlement should be a last resort, particularly since defaulting on your loans will damage your credit score.

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