how to find out how many loans i have

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  • How do I find out how much student loans I owe?

  • You can safely get a free annual credit report from all three reporting agencies鈥擡quifax, TransUnion, and Experian鈥攁t 5 锘?While it might seem complicated, it is essential to keep track of your student loans and the amount of debt you owe, including knowing how much you borrowed and how much you owe once you add interest 鈥?

  • How many payments do you have to make on a loan?

  • Although the number of years in your term might differ, you鈥檒l typically have 12 payments to make every year. The type of loan you have determines the type of loan calculator you need to use to figure out your payments. There are interest-only loans and amortizing loans, which include principal and interest.

  • How do I find out what company my loan came from?

  • Your school鈥檚 financial aid office will have your original loan details and can let you know what company originated your loan. Contact your original lender. Your original lender might still be your current loan servicer, but that鈥檚 not always the case.

  • How many loans can I get from the same lender?

  • Getting multiple loans from the same lender Lender Maximum number of loans Maximum loan amount SoFi 2 $100,000 LendingClub 2 $40,000 for 1 loan $50,000 total for 2 l … Rocket Loans 1 $45,000 Upstart 2 $50,000 4 more rows …

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