how long after graduation to pay loans

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Six months

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  • How long after graduation do you have to pay back student loans?

  • When you take out student loans, you may not have to make payments right away. Depending on the type of loan, you likely have several months after graduation before you must start repaying it.

  • How long is a student loan grace period after graduation?

  • Instead, your loans are deferred, and you have a six-month period after you graduate, drop below half-time enrollment or leave school before you have to start repaying your debt鈥攜our grace period. How Long Is a Student Loan Grace Period?

  • What happens to your student loans when you graduate from college?

  • When you graduate from college, you may be more focused on finding a job and getting your first place than your student loans. While the student loan counseling required for graduation may briefly explain your responsibilities, it is important that you take action with your student loans as soon as possible. 1

  • When do I start making payments on my student loans?

  • updated AUG 04, 2016. For most federal student loans, you start making payments six months after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment in school. Most federal loans have a grace period..

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