how hard are small business loans to get

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Not hard

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  • How hard is it to qualify for a business loan?

  • Little time in operation can make it hard to qualify for a business loan. For example, if your company鈥檚 a startup, you could find it challenging to secure funding. Time in business requirements will vary by lender and funding type.

  • How can I get a business loan for a small business?

  • You can get a line of credit from a bank, credit union, or alternate lender; most banks require you to have been a business owner for a certain period of time to qualify for one. As you make payments on time, you can build your credit profile to the point that you can obtain a traditional loan.

  • What affects your chances of getting a small business loan?

  • Your business and personal credit score also can affect your chances of getting a small business loan. The better your score, the higher the chances you鈥檒l likely have getting the loan you want as well as qualifying for competitive interest rates and terms.

  • Why is it so hard to get approved for a loan?

  • The difficulty in getting approved for a loan stems from a variety of unique challenges facing small business owners that go beyond the prevailing economic climate.

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