do they take student loans out of taxes

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  • Can my student loans take my tax refund?

  • If your Student Loans are in Defaul t, and your Lender has submitted them to the Dept. of Education, they may take your tax refund to pay towards your loan balance. Call 800-304-3107 and use the Automated System to see if you have a tax refund offset.

  • Is student loan interest tax deductible while still in school?

  • While the student loan interest deduction benefits you after you leave school and begin repaying your loans, several tax breaks can help you lower your tax bill while you鈥檙e still in school.

  • Will student loan debt affect your tax refund in 2021?

  • Taxpayers with defaulted federal student loan debt can rest easy knowing that their 2020 tax refund is safe at least until Sept. 30, 2021. But Rossman warns that all bets are off after that date.

  • How does my tax filing status affect my student loans?

  • With student loans, your tax filing status mainly affects your income-driven repayment plan, if you have one. Income-driven repayment plans use the adjusted gross income listed on your taxes to determine your monthly payments. If you file as single or head of household, your payments will be based on your income alone.

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