can you transfer a loan into someone else’s name

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  • Can I transfer a personal loan to another person?

  • A: Personal loans cannot be transferred to another person, because these loans are determined based on your unique credit score and your list of available sources of income.

  • Can a mortgage be transferred to another borrower?

  • Mortgages and car loans are unlike other types of personal loans in that they can be transferred. However, they can only be transferred to another borrower under certain circumstances. For one thing, the new borrower must be able to qualify for the loan.

  • Can a loan be placed in someone else鈥檚 name?

  • In order to have the loan placed in someone else鈥檚 name, you would have to refinance it to another loan. If the new loan in the new person鈥檚 name is used to pay off the old loan, it will change the borrower and the terms of the loan.

  • How do I transfer ownership of my property to another person?

  • Here are the proper steps to follow: 1 Research loan options 2 Apply for a refinance loan 3 Transfer ownership

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