can you get a loan for a private car sale

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  • Can you finance a car from a private seller?

  • Financing a car from a private seller means getting a direct loan, which is often called a private party loan. These typically come from banks or credit unions, and can be easier to get when you have good credit.

  • Can I get a private party auto loan with bad credit?

  • If you’re struggling with bad credit, it can be difficult to get a private party auto loan 鈥?but there are still ways to get the vehicle you’re looking for. In order to finance a car from a private seller with a direct loan, you need to get pre-approved. Once this happens, you can shop anywhere to find a vehicle in your approved price range.

  • Can I finance a person-to-person car purchase?

  • Many lenders finance person-to-person car purchases with private party auto loans. After all, not many consumers have thousands of dollars they can shell out to buy a car with cash. To get a private party auto loan, you can approach a bank or credit union, or even apply with an online lender.

  • Is it worth buying a used car in a private sale?

  • With car finance available for purchase in a private sale as well as through a dealership, checking out local listings is worth doing when buying a used car. Often, car buyers seeking to purchase a vehicle in a private sale would need to find the funding to acquire their chosen car.

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