can you get a loan for a private car sale

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  • Can you finance a car from a private seller?

  • Financing a car from a private seller means getting a direct loan, which is often called a private party loan. These typically come from banks or credit unions, and can be easier to get when you have good credit.

  • Can you get a private party auto loan without a dealer?

  • But without a dealer to help you find financing, you鈥檒l either need cash or a private party auto loan. Private party auto lenders issue the funds to pay the seller and you pay the lender back over time. How does a private party auto loan work? How to qualify for a private party auto loan Where to get a private party auto loan

  • Can I pay off my auto loan before I Sell my Car?

  • You can streamline the process by paying off the loan before the sale so that you have the car title in hand on the sale date. If you have good credit, you might be able to get a personal loan to pay off your auto loan before the sale.

  • Can I finance a person-to-person car purchase?

  • Many lenders finance person-to-person car purchases with private party auto loans. After all, not many consumers have thousands of dollars they can shell out to buy a car with cash. To get a private party auto loan, you can approach a bank or credit union, or even apply with an online lender.

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