can you buy any house with fha loan

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  • Can you buy a foreclosed home with an FHA loan?

  • In short, the answer is yes! Let鈥檚 take a closer look at how you can buy a foreclosed home with an FHA loan as well as the pros and cons. Can FHA Loans Be Used For Foreclosures? Yes, you can buy a foreclosed property with an FHA loan, as long as the home is in livable condition, meaning it can pass FHA appraisal requirements.

  • Can I use an FHA loan to buy a condo?

  • Many first time home buyers want to know if FHA mortgages can be used to buy certain kinds of property including condos, duplexes, mobile homes, etc. FHA mortgage loans are flexible enough to purchase many different types of houses depending on the housing market, the lender, and local market standards.

  • Can you buy a single family home with an FHA loan?

  • You can buy a single-family (1-unit) home, as well as a duplex, triplex (3-unit) or four-plex (4-unit) as long as you live in one of the units (see our article on multi-unit properties ). You can also use an FHA loan to buy a manufactured home, condo, or to rehab a home that is in need of repairs.

  • Is an FHA loan right for You?

  • FHA loans are among the most solid mortgages in the market. Low down payment, low credit score requirement, and relatively low interest rates. Plus, unlike some home loan programs, there鈥檚 no upper income limit on who can qualify and FHA loans can be used anywhere in the country.

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