can student loans garnish wages

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  • Can a student鈥檚 wages be garnished?

  • Students (and former students) aren鈥檛 the only ones at risk of wage garnishment. Lenders can garnish wages when parents take out loans for their children, and anybody who defaults on a loan they co-sign may also face wage garnishment.

  • How do I stop wage garnishment due to defaulted student loans?

  • Any wages garnished due to defaulted student loans will be considered among your expenses. What you need to do: Make nine payments of the agreed-upon amount within 10 months and your loans move out of default. When wage garnishment will stop: Any wage garnishment will end after your fifth qualified rehabilitation payment.

  • Can a lender garnish your bank account for student loan debt?

  • She is the founder of Wealth Women Daily and an author. Lenders can garnish your bank account to recover student loan debt, and they can do it in different ways depending on whether your student loans are federal or private.

  • Will my wages be garnished If I don鈥檛 pay my loans?

  • Your wages will not be garnished until you have officially defaulted on your loans, which will happen if you don鈥檛 make a payment for at least 180 days.

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