can i take out a student loan for living expenses

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  • Can you use student loans for living expenses?

  • However, there are some significant restrictions and drawbacks to keep in mind before you decide to use your student loans for living expenses. Can You Pay for Living Expenses With Student Loans? Tuition and fees make up just a small percentage of what you鈥檒l pay for college.

  • What can I use student loans for other than tuition?

  • Student Loans. Many college students need help paying for housing and living expenses. Fortunately, both federal and private student loans can be used for things other than tuition and fees, like on- or off-campus room and board, personal supplies, groceries, and more.

  • What happens to the remaining funds from a student loan?

  • Any remaining funds from the loan will be distributed to you, according to your school鈥檚 policy. You may then return any funds you don鈥檛 need or use the money for living expenses, transportation, and books and supplies.

  • Should you take out multiple student loans?

  • The decision to take on a student loan鈥攐r multiple student loans鈥攊sn鈥檛 one to take lightly. If you find yourself unable to pay tuition and living expenses with family contributions, scholarships, and other funds, a loan is likely your best option, but only if used wisely and sparingly.

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