can i have two va loans at once

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  • Can you own two homes with a VA loan?

  • The simple answer 鈥?yes! In some situations, you can own two homes at once with a second VA loan, if you have enough remaining entitlement. Before we dive in, let鈥檚 take a couple steps back and explain the VA loan and entitlement in more detail. What is a VA loan and who is eligible?

  • Can I use my VA loan twice?

  • Yes, you can use the VA loan twice. There are several ways to tap into a second VA loan by enjoying your reduced entitlement or applying for a restoration of your full entitlement. How long do you have to wait between VA loans?

  • Can I use my VA loan entitlement for two different entitlements?

  • Both entitlements can be used in combination with each other. If a veteran has qualified for a loan amounting to $144,000 then the veterans鈥?bonus entitlement is still available. The only issue is that the VA loan is only for owner occupied properties, which means you can鈥檛 have more than one VA loan in the same city.

  • Do you have to have multiple VA loans to qualify for bonus?

  • If the entitlement will not be restored to the original $36,000 basic amount, then the bonus or 2nd tier entitlement is required to have multiple VA loans. Next, the new loan amount must exceed $144,000.

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