can i have someone take over my car loan

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  • Can I take over a car payment for someone else?

  • Simply saying that one can take over a car payment for someone else is an oversimplification of how a car loan works, whether you are trying to relieve yourself of a car payment or someone else is asking you to take over payments for them. Legally, a car loan transfer is bonded together with ownership of the vehicle.

  • How to take over a car loan?

  • How to Take Over a Car Loan 1. Contact the Bank or Other Lender 2. Check Your Credit Score 3. Wait for Loan Approval 4. Sign All Required Paperwork 5. Handle Car Insurance Other DMV Requirements

  • Can a friend or family member take over my auto loan?

  • Letting a friend or even a family member take over payments on your auto loan is almost as risky as that monthly car payment you can’t make. It may be time to talk to a credit adviser and explore other options to minimize your payment or hold off the collection agents until you can sell the car to a private buyer.

  • Can someone else make monthly car payments on my loan?

  • More likely, there would have to be a tradeoff if someone else were to make monthly car payments on a car on which you have an outstanding auto loan. Once you get an auto loan to purchase a new or used car, the lender assumes that you will make the monthly payments until the loan term is complete.

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