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  • Can I get a consolidation loan if I’m in debt?

  • Address the reasons for getting into debt before touching a consolidation loan Before considering a consolidation loan, you first need to make sure that you’re in a position to pay down the loan, and not run other debts back up. Think of multiple debts like an untidy house, where every room is unorganised and you struggle to find things.

  • What should I look for in a debt consolidation loan?

  • Before you go for a debt consolidation loan, the first thing to check is whether you can cut the costs of your debt, so your repayments go towards clearing more of the balance rather than just paying interest. We’ll take you through that step-by-step in this section.

  • What’s the average interest rate for a debt consolidation loan?

  • If your score is below 630, expect a personal loan from an online lender to carry rates between 26.7% and 32.4% APR, according to NerdWallet data. A debt consolidation loan makes sense if the new loan carries a lower APR than your current debts, and helps you get out of debt faster.

  • What are the advantages of debt consolidation?

  • Consolidating your debt can have a number of advantages, including faster, more streamlined payoff and lower interest payments. 1. Streamlines Finances Combining multiple outstanding debts into a single loan reduces the number of payments and interest rates you have to worry about.

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