can a cosigner help you get a loan

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  • Can you get a personal loan with a cosigner?

  • You could consider getting a personal loan with a cosigner if you want to benefit from a trusted associate鈥檚 good credit score and if you trust them to help you if you can鈥檛 make the loan payments. Having a cosigner is not required to apply for a personal loan.

  • Can a cosigner be excluded from a mortgage?

  • Even if your cosigner is still listed on your loan, mortgage lenders will exclude the cosigned debt if you can prove that you鈥檝e made the payments on time for the last 12 months. If you have a cosigner on your mortgage, your ultimate goal should be to minimize the impact of your loan on your cosigner鈥檚 finances.

  • Should you co-sign for a loan with bad credit?

  • If you co-sign a loan, the lender expects that you鈥檒l be able to repay it if the borrower can鈥檛. For those with bad credit, the benefits of having a co-signer can be significant. You may qualify for a loan you wouldn鈥檛 get on your own, and your rate can be lower. The co-signer鈥檚 credit score. Both your credit histories.

  • How can I Help my cosigner get a mortgage?

  • To prevent your debt from becoming a big problem for your cosigner, make your mortgage payments on time, and make them through your bank. When the time comes for your cosigner to apply for a mortgage of their own, provide your cosigner鈥檚 lender with your bank statements proving that you make the monthly mortgage payments.

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