are stafford loans eligible for forgiveness

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  • What are the eligibility requirements for Stafford Loan forgiveness?

  • To be eligible for Stafford Loan Forgiveness, you must agree to teach full-time for five complete and consecutive academic years at a qualifying elementary school, secondary school or an educational service agency that primarily serves low-income families.

  • What is a federal Stafford Loan?

  • The Federal Stafford Loan, also known as the Federal Direct Loan, is the largest and most popular student loan program today. Federal Stafford Loans are low-cost loans borrowed by students to pay for their college education. There are two versions of the Federal Stafford Loan, subsidized and unsubsidized .

  • What loans are eligible for PSLF 鈥?public student loan forgiveness?

  • What Loans Are Eligible for PSLF 鈥?Public Student Loan Forgiveness? The following loans are eligible for forgiveness: Federal Direct Stafford/Ford Loans (Direct Subsidized Loans) Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford/Ford Loans (Direct Unsubsidized Loans)

  • Do you have to have a cosigner on a Stafford Loan?

  • Eligibility for a Federal Stafford Loan does not depend on the borrower鈥檚 credit scores, credit history, employment, or income. There is no credit check. There are no cosigners on Federal Stafford Loans. To be eligible for federal education loans, the student must be enrolled at least half-time.

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