are loan officers still making money

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  • How much do loan officers get paid per loan?

  • It also depends on how much a loan officer makes per loan. If the LO works for a small shop and has very little support, they might make a mortgage point or two per loan. By that, I mean 1-2% of the loan amount, which may or may not be split with their broker or mortgage company.

  • Is being a loan officer a good job?

  • Being a Loan Officer Can Be Really Lucrative 1 There are few jobs other than doctors, lawyers, and sports stars 2 That pay several hundred thousand dollars a year in salary 3 Top loan officers have the potential to make that kind of money too 4 And even average ones can make six-figures annually during good years

  • Do Loan officers make more money than doctors and lawyers?

  • So that鈥檚 something to keep in mind as well, though as mentioned, it might be possible to make moves to other related positions that open up as a result of technological advances. To sum it up, loan officers have the potential to make more money than the majority of the population, including doctors and lawyers.

  • Do Loan officers get paid commission?

  • Do loan officers make a commission? The income of a loan officer depends largely on whether their employer pays a flat salary or has a commission-based structure in place. As a sales-based role, the general rule is that you can make more commissions in situations in which you’re generating your own leads.

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